Permanent residency (PR) application checklist

Permanent residency (PR) application checklist

Written by Sreekumar BA on 28-March-2021 5pm.

Recently I have applied Permanent residence (PR) for my family. This article is prepared to share the checklist with the list of documents needed.


The Permanent Resident visa, or eijuken (永住権), is the Holy Grail for many foreign workers in Japan—it means you don't have to renew your visa every year or three years (or five if you're really lucky). It also means you no longer have to rely on your employer for sponsorship, and you are no longer restricted in the kinds of work you can do.

Also remember that your residence card itself is still only valid for seven years. After seven years, you have to bring in your residence card, your passport and a new photo along with an Application for Extension of the Valid Period of the Residence Card details can be found here. Other than that, you are free to enjoy Japan without ever having to worry about your visa status again!


I have PR in Japan. During my PR application many years back, I have not applied PR for my family members (wife, kids). This article covers the checklist that is needed for applying PR for family members. My suggestion is to apply PR for all family members along with your application.

Many people have this question - Do I need an agent / Immigration lawyer to apply PR ?
My answer is no. You can apply for PR by yourself. It's not that difficult. You need to spend some time collecting all necessary documents. 

Please note application form have to be prepared for each member in your family. You need one set of below documents for each member.
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You need to prepare below items

1 PR application form ( 永住許可申請書・eijuken shinsei-sho ) App form link PDF
App form link Excel(recommended)
2 Photograph x 1 Size is 4cmx3cm
Photo specs
Where to take photos in Japan
Photos can be taken at immigration office building also
Those under the age of 16 do not need to submit a photo.
3 Marriage certificate (for wife)
4 Birth certificate (for kids)
5 Reason Letter (理由書) Word doc - Sample letter for Wife
Word doc - Sample letter for Kids
Print only the Japanese page. Please change English as needed and translate to Japanese.
6 Letter of guarantee Link to form
7 Copy of health insurance card Keep copy of all members
8 Passport A copy of the ID page in your passport
Keep copy of all members
9 Copy of residence card Copies of the front and back of your residence card (在留カード・zairyu card)
Keep copy of all members
10 Copy of Bank Book Take copy of statement for 3-4 months including front page with your name

Below documents you can collect from your office

11 Employment certificate zaishoku shomei sho / 在職証明書
12 Income certificate / withholding slip Shotoku shōmei-sho genzenchōshū-hyō
You can get this at your workplace

Below documents you can collect from local city office

Proof of income (所得・shotoku), payment of residence taxes (住民税・juminzei) and Certificate of residence
13 Proof of payment of your residence taxes Nozei shomeisho(納税証明書)
Submit this for three years.
14 Total taxation amount document. Kazei shomei-sho(課税証明書)
Submit this for three years.
15 Certificate of residence Juminhyo (住民票)
Get this document with all family members data on it.

Other documents

16 Fudōsan tokibo / 不動産登記簿 This document is needed if you own house/apartment in Japan
This document is issued by Legal Affairs Bureau / 法務局 in your area
Map for Edogawa area
More search results in Google
17 National Tax documents from Tax office The document is called Nozei Shomeisho No. 3 (納税証明書(その3))
You can get this document from TAX Office
Map for Edogawa South Tax Office
More search results in Google
18 Pension Documents A printout page of pension payment record per month from Nenkin Net
You must register with Nenkin Net from Japan Pension Service website in advance and it takes around 5 days to complete the registration.
Nenkin Net website
In my case I went to the nearest pension office and requested a document and they provided a print out.

Guarantor Requirements

A guarantor guarantor (身元保証人・mimoto hosho-nin) is needed when you are applying PR for you.
In case you already have PR and you are applying for your family, you can be the guarantor. The guarantor must be a Japanese national or permanent resident, and has no obligation beyond providing the documentation below.

1 Letter of guarantee (身元保証書・mimoto hosho-sho) Link to form
2 Employment certificate zaishoku shomei sho / 在職証明書
3 Last 1 year tax certificate (both kazeishomeisho and nozeishomeisho) 直近1年分の課税証明書、納税証明書
Get this at the City Office.
4 Certificate of residence Juminhyo (住民票)
Get this at the City Office.


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