All Japan Association of Indians

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Preface 前置き

Indian community in Japan is growing and it is growing at a faster pace than ever. More and more Indians are considering longer stays in Japan, even taking PR and citizenship. A larger part of the population is working in the white collar industry, especially in the information technology domain supporting many many Japanese and non-Japanese companies. We also have a sizable population of entrepreneurs and blue collar employees working in production plants, restaurants etc. 

While we have a peaceful and safe life in Japan, along with this increase in population, we are seeing increasing cases of information needs, language support needs, and need for support in cases like neighborhood disputes, family disputes and so on. The needs were extraordinary after the massive earthquake in March 2011 when we felt that we did not have an efficient network to offer information and support to fellow Indians on a mass level. Many of us have been thinking and discussing to create a network to connect Indians across all parts of Japan.

Until now, some people in our community volunteered, on an individual level, to support the needy. Some local SNS groups are quite active in densely populated areas like Tokyo and Kanagawa. However, sharing information with and offering support to the people in distant prefectures has been not been easy. The local SNS groups are seen helpful in cases of day-to-day needs. However, these groups haven't proven so effective in personal or emergency situations.

Hence, we taken this step to form a Japan-wide association of Indians.

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Purpose of the Association 協会の目的

All Japan Association of Indians (AJAI) aims to;
全日本インド人協会(AJAI)は 以下を目的とする;

  • Be the single organization to represent and support all the Indians living in Japan. Be the source of information and support in matters like social, visa, legal, education, medical, business and so on, in times of need. Especially in the cases of legal matters, we have realized that (1) people do not know where/whom to seek help from and (2) there are limitations acting in the individual space. In such cases we have felt a strong need of an organization. The organization will also tie up with lawyers to provide economic and reliable legal advise services.
  • 日本在住の全てのインド人を代表・支援する一つの組織になること。情報源となり、必要な時に生活・ビザ・法務、教育、医療、事業などにおけるサポートを提供すること。特に法的な事案の場合、(1)頼るところがない、(2)個人として手伝うことに制約がある、と感じています。よって、このような場合は協会としてお手伝いし、弁護士と連携した上で適切なアドバイスを行います。
  • With regard to the health issues and hospitalization, association will tie up with medical practitioners to provide reliable advise / second opinion. Association will also support in  police issues, court cases, death and funeral and so on. The association will tie up with funeral company to provide services at right price and execute the funeral ceremony with some Indian traditions.
  • 健康問題や入院に関しては、当協会が医療関係者と連携し、信用たるアドバイス・セカンドオピニオンを提供します。警察・裁判事件、死亡・葬儀などにおいても当協会がサポートします。葬儀屋と費用を交渉し、インドのしきたりを少しだけ引用した葬儀を行います。

  • Work in tandem with Indian Embassy etc to convey the right message and aid to Indians living in all parts of Japan. Understand practical issues and needs of the Indian community and convey those to the Indian embassy etc. In bigger situations like the earthquake in 2011, we felt the need for assisting Indians in all pockets of Japan. In order to do this, the association will create a pan-Japan network of volunteers and it would liaison with the Indian Embassy and local authorities, collate local information and dissipate right information. 
  • インド大使館その他の官僚組織と連携し、日本の各地に住んでいるインド人に正確なメッセージおよび支援をお届けすること。在日インド人が抱える問題・ニーズなどについてインド大使館その他の関連組織に伝達すること。2011年の大地震のような災害時に、 日本の各地に住んでいるインド人の支援を行うニーズを感じています。 印度大使館や現地の機関と連携し、情報収集を行い、正しい情報を発信します。

  • Work in tandem with all the regional Indian communities in Japan to create an effective communication network. AJAI is not an association to replace the functioning of local communities. AJAI will act as a medium to connect to Indians across Japan, across the regional Indian communities. We are also seeing a growing need of cradle services, job introduction services, match making (marriage) services and so on, going ahead, we would also like to consider providing a solution for these needs.
  • インドに関係する各コミュニティと連携し、効率的なコミュニケーションネットワークを築くこと。当協会は各インド関連のコミュニティーを代行するのではなく、すべてのコミュニティーを経由し多くのインド人と連携します。保育、人材紹介、お見合いサービスなどについてもニーズが増えており、このような事案についても当協会では検討します。

  • Educate Indians about social and business etiquette in Japan so as to bridge the gap with their Japanese counterparts. One of the most relevant thing while living in Japan would be the building up of harmonious relationships with our Japanese hosts. We have seen increasing number of neighborhood issues due to lack of understanding of etiquette in Japan. Under the new scheme of things we will create training materials and dissipate them to Indians all across Japan so as to create a bare minimal awareness. We also need to look into the bigger issue of education and cost of education of our kids. There is a need to improve opportunities of under-graduate and graduate level education in Japanese universities for students passing out from international schools Japan. 
  • 在日インド人に日本の生活・商習慣に関して学習の機会を提供し、日本人とのギャップを埋めること。なお、日本に住むにあたって、現地の方々と仲良くしなければなりません。日本のしきたりが分からず近隣争議になるケースは多いが、当協会では日本の生活や商習慣の研修資料を作成し、日本全国に住んでいるインド人に発信し、最低限の認識を促します。また、子供たちの教育、教育費における検討が必要で、特にインターナショナル学校の卒業生の国内大学への受け入れについても努力を重ねなければならないです。

* * * * *

Committees  諸委員会

AJAI will have a network of committees to maintain the transparency and fairness in the operations and to realize the full power of the association. The structure of the committees is as follows. All committee members shall always act with the purpose of this association in your mind, fairly towards the well-being of our community in Japan.  Committee members shall not to misuse this association or your position in this association for any personal gains.
当協会の運営を透明且つ公平に実施し、最大限の力を発揮するために色々な委員会のネットワークを構築します。常に当協会の目的を念頭に、コミュニティの方々への福祉に向けて行動をすること。 当協会や東京での自己の肩書などを己の利益のために利用しないこと。

There are many organizations related to Indians in Japan say the Tokyo Marathi Mandal or Tamil Sangham and so on. AJAI will request these organizations to elect a member to serve as a representative in AJAI and liaison with AJAI for efficient flow of information and support.

AJAI will nominate regional volunteers of the association in every prefecture of Japan. People requiring information or help from the association, will first contact the representatives in their respective prefectures. The regional representatives will be expected to provide full support against such inquiries through the executive volunteers.

Founding Committee

The founder volunteer committee will consist of 13 members, who will draw the outline and form the basis of functioning of the association. While executive volunteers committee will drive the day to day management of the association, Founder volunteers committee will make sure that the working is within the ideology of the association. The President, two Vice Presidents, one auditor, one Embassy Liaison will be elected through majority votes of the founding committee members.

Every member of the founding committee contributes 25,000 (twenty five thousand) yen as one time non-refundable membership amount. Founding committee membership is perennial as far as the member continues to live in Japan and is active. In case a member leaves Japan for a longer or an unforeseeable duration, or is inactive, or misconducts, the said member can be removed through a majority vote of rest of the founding committee members. In such case a new member can be proposed by any of the existing founding committee members and brought into the founding committee through majority vote of the existing members.

Yogendra Puranik 'Yogi' (Mr)
President 理事長

Yogi is a post graduate in Economics from Pune University & Intl Business Management from IIM, Calcutta. He works as Joint GM for a prominent Japanese bank. Yogi is in Japan for around 20 years & is socially active in the Indian & Japanese community. He runs 2 restaurants and one India Culture Center in Tokyo.

Sreekumar BA Pillai 'Sreekumar' (Mr)
Vice President 副理事長

Sreekumar is a B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering. He works as Director of Technology Services in Japan for Emerge. 
Sreekumar also runs a popular restaurant in Tokyo. He is highly active in the Malayalee community in Japan.

Abhishek sali 'Abhi' (Mr)
Director 理事

Abhishek is a Bachelor of Commerce. He works as SBU Head for a large It company in Japan. 
Abhishek is living in Japan for around 20 years and acts as Vice Chairman in Kanagawa Prefectural Committee for Foreigners.

Sivaram Pusapati 'Siva' (Mr):
Director 理事

Anji is a Bachelors in Engineering and works as Manager for a IT Company in Japan.

Anji is highly active in the Telugu community in Japan. 
Gowrishankar M S 'Gowri' (Mr)
Director 理事

Gowri holds a masters degree in Computer Applications. He works as Account Manager in NTT Data. 

Gowri is highly active in the Tamil Community in Japan.

Srinibas Panda 'Panda' (Mr)
Director 理事

Srinibas holds a masters degree in mathematics & Diloma in Computers. He is living in Japan for more than 15 years. 

Srinibas works with a global IT company as Manager & is active in the Odisha community in Tokyo.
T Kurinchiselvan 'Kurinchi' (Mr):
Director 理事

Kurinchi holds a masters degree in Sociology. He is living in Japan for around 15 years. He runs his own restaurants in Japan.

Kurinchi is highly socially active & has been a generous donor for the needy.
Ganesan Hari Narayanan 'Hari' (Mr)
Vice President 副理事長

Hari holds a masters degree in Computer Applications. He runs his own IT venture and restaurants and other businesses in Tokyo.
Hari is in Japan for around 20 years & is highly active in the Tamil community in Japan. Organizes events in Tokyo.

Bhuwan Tewari 'Bhuwan' (Mr)
Auditor 監査役

Bhuwan holds a masters degree in Economics & Management. He is living in Japan for around 20 years and runs his own travel company in Japan. 
Bhuwan is socially active in the Indian community and is General Secretary of the Uttarakhand Community in Japan.

Anand Vijay 'Anand' (Mr)
Director 理事

Anand holds a bachelors degree in Political Science from Delhi University. He lives in Japan for more than 10 years. He runs his own restaurants in Japan.

Anand is active in the Jharkand and Bihari community in Tokyo.

Atul Goyal 'Atul' (Mr)
Director 理事

Atul is Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering. He is living in Japan for around 25 years and runs his own precious metals company.
Atul is active in various Indian groups in Japan including Jewelers community.

Rajesh Kumar 'Kumar' (Mr)
Director 理事

Kumar holds a Bachelors degree in Insurance. He works in the travel and air ticketing industry and is very well known in the Indian Community in Japan. 
He is in Japan for around 20 years and is a generous sponsor for many Indian community events.
Yasmeen Nigar Sultana 'Yasmeen' (Ms)
Director 理事

Yasmeen holds a masters degree in Social Work. She is in teaching profession for more than 17 years having taught at a university in India and GIIS in Japan. 

She is quite popular with her students and is starting her own Tokyo Bay International School in Tokyo from 2019.


Any Indian, Original Citizen of India (OCI) or past Citizen of India living in Japan for short or long term is eligible to be the member of the organization. The members will be able to access all the information and support from the association. Non-members may also feel free to contact the association in case of any kind of need.


Executive Committee

Executive committee will manage the day-to-day operations of the association. It will be selected through the process of election. The association will undergo an all inclusive and fair process of elections, every two years, to elect the executive committee. Any Indian or Original Citizen of India living in Japan, in the age group of 41 to 50, has lived in Japan for minimum 3 years, understands a bit of Japan, Japanese language and Japanese culture, is eligible to nominate him/her-self.  The age group has been defined to ascertain certain level of maturity and ability to work on the ground. Any Indian or Original Citizen of India living in Japan, above the age of 18, will be eligible to cast his/her vote. The executive committee will consist of 1 General Secretary, 1 Secretary, 1 Treasurer, 1 Legal Officer, 1 PR Officer, 1 Welfare Officer, 1 Education Officer, 1 Event Officer, 1 Purchase Officer, 1 Marketing Officer and 1 Compliance Officer. One person can hold only one position at one time and cannot be elected to same position for 2 continuous terms. 

実行委員会は11名の委員で構成され、協会の日常の運営を行う。 全日本インド人協会は2年ごとに包括的かつフェアな選挙を行い、実行委員を選びます。日本在住の印度人やOCIで、年齢が41歳~50歳で、日本在住歴が3年以上、日本・日本文化のことをある程度理解し、日本語が話せる方は立候補出来ます。 年齢枠はある程度の成熟度と現場での参加を保証するために設けています。また、日本在住の印度人やOCIで、18歳以上の方が選挙権を持ちます。 実行委員会は事務局長幹事長1名、次長1名、会計係1名、法務係1名、広報係1名、福利厚生係1名、教育係1名、行事係1名、購買係1名、宣伝係1名及びコンプライアンス係1名で構成されます。各人は1係にのみ任命され、同じ係を2回連続で立候補することはできません。

First executive Committee to be elected via general elections in the Indian Community in Japan, possibly in the month of July 2019.


President 実行委員会長

Vice President 実行委員副会長

Vice President 実行委員副会長

Audit & Compliance Officer 実行委員監査役


Advisory committee

Advisory committee will consist of 9 to 11 advisers including senior citizens, lawyers, doctors, ex policemen, ex teachers and so on. Main role of the advisory committee will be be guide the founder members and executive volunteers, govern the right functioning of the association and provide advise as and when necessary. Prospective Advisers shall be recommended by any member of the community, weighted by the executive committee and finally weighted by the Founding committee. Adviser's term will be for 2 years which can be further extended.


Adv. India Japan (Civil)

Adv. India Japan (Criminal cases)

Adv. India Japan (Visa)

Adv. India Japan (Industry)


Yogendra Puranik 'Yogi'

Yasmeen Nigar Sultana


Dr. India Japan (OPD)

Dr. India Japan (Mental)

Santosh Kumar Pandey (Mr.)

Santosh is a scholar in Development Economics and Human Anthropology. He is living in Japan for more than 7 years. 

Santosh works on infra development projects of JICA worldwide, with focus on the African zone.

* * * * *

Industry committees  産業サポート委員会

Industry body of AJAI will support individuals and business in India and Japan in doing cross-border business. The committee will accumulate and disseminate information about opportunities of such business and respond to inquiries on procedures etc.




Name: Ajai Agriculture 01 (Mr)



Name: Ajai Agriculture 02 (Ms)





Name: Ajai Education 01 (Mr)



Name: Ajai Education 02 (Ms)



Information technology


Name: Ajai Infotech 01 (Mr)



Name: Ajai Infotech 02 (Ms)





Name: Ajai Manufacturing 01 (Mr)



Name: Ajai Manufacturing 02 (Ms)





Name: Ajai Sports 01 (Mr)



Name: Ajai Sports 02 (Ms)



Rules of the Association 協会の規則

The rules of the association are subject to change from time to time, through a voting process in the executive committee and the founding committee.

Election and selection of committee members 選挙及び各委員会の選定

Rules have been mentioned in the relevant sections.


Income 収入

The association will receive funds from individual and corporate members and other external entities in the form of annual or adhoc contributions. Rules have been mentioned in the relevant sections.


Expenses 経費

The association and its committee members are expected to use funds for purposes of events, purchase of office stationary & stuff, sundry expenses during periodic meetings, hospitality towards special guests etc. All these expenses shall be in principle done post approval from or information to the necessary committee members of the association.

Accounting 会計

The accounting year of the association will be from January to December of every year. The announcement of financial results to be done by end of February, within two months after the end of accounting year.


Data 情報

All the association data will be placed in a shareable location like Google Drive. All the necessary members will be able to access the data anytime.



Contact details: TEL: 03-6676-0941, FAX: 03-6676-0941, E-MAIL:, YAHOOGROUP: japanindians