Introduction to Japanese

Introduction to Japanese

GaijinPot has prepared an excellent material for "Introduction to Japanese"

It covers following topics 

  1. Hiragana
  2. Katakana
  3. Kanji
  4. Word Order, Introduction to Particles, and the verb ”to be”
  5. Continuation of Particles and Verb Conjugation
  6. Introducing yourself and asking questions
  7. Adjectives
  8. Adverbs
  9. Plain form verbs
  10. Connective form and how to do requests
  11. Giving and receiving objects and actions
  12. Politeness in Japanese
  13. Particle usage and review
  14. Potential form
  15. Quoting
  16. About The Author

Once you complete the series, you will hopefully be able to understand Japanese as it is used in everyday situations to a certain degree, as well as to read and understand basic Japanese concerning everyday topics. In terms of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, this series should leave you somewhere near level three.

Please click here to read the full article - Must read for members wishing to start learning Japanese 

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