Learn Japanese

Learn Japanese

NHK website have very easy to understand Japanese lesson. It covers 

Easy Japanese: Conversation lessons

  • Useful phrases you'll learn quickly
  • Travel and culture tips too

  • Easy Travel Japanese
  • All the phrases you need for your first trip to Japan
  • 3-min. episodes to learn simple and useful expressions

Easy Japanese for Work

  • Business culture & manners for effective communication
  • Biz-related kanji through animations


  • Introduction to language & culture with visual materials
  • Explore the cool world of kanji

Easy Japanese: Grammar lessons

  • Master basic grammar
  • Also, words that sound like what they describe

Weekly News in Simple Japanese

  • Follow the news with accessible expressions
  • Effective approach to society & culture

Please visit https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/learnjapanese/ for more details 

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